The Global Avocado Prices and What Kenyan Farmers Stand To Earn

Holy guacamole! Why avocados are so expensive?! If you have been wondering why avocado farming in Kenya has all of a sudden become the song of every investor, then this sneak peek into the global avocado prices will open your eyes.  Avocados have been expensive for a while now. Typically, most Canadians would expect to pay $1 […]

Pawpaw farming in Kenya: A Guide From Planting To Selling

nvestment in pawpaw farming is increasingly becoming attractive to farmers in Kenya who are keen to tap into new opportunities in the agribusiness sector. Well, it is not an entirely new crop but there are two main reasons why its farming has recently become more profitable: one, the increasing awareness on its nutritional and medicinal […]

Dragon Fruit farming in Kenya

The dragon fruit, also called pitahaya or pitaya, is a relatively new crop in Kenya. Only a few farmers have invested in its cultivation so the information about how to grow it is still scanty. Good thing we are always here to educate you on such high value crops. We always want you to start […]